The Infinium MethylationEPIC v2.0 Kit is the recommended replacement for MethylationEPIC v1.0. At this time, MethylationEPIC v1.0 is in low supply and your order must be reviewed for approval. Please contact your local sales representative for more information. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service.

Infinium MethylationEPIC v2.0 Kit

Robust methylation profiling microarray with extensive coverage of CpG islands, genes, and enhancers. Use for epigenome-wide association studies. Read More...
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Product Highlights

The Infinium MethylationEPIC v2.0 BeadChip Kit is a genome-wide methylation screening tool that targets over 935,000 CpG sites in the most biologically significant regions of the human methylome, while maximizing backwards compatibility with it's predecessor, MethylationEPIC v1.0. The array maintains the ability to quantitatively interrogate CpGs across the genome at single-nucleotide resolution, while providing highly accurate and precise methylation measurements independently of read depth. Multiple DNA sample types, including those isolated from FFPE, can be analyzed using the streamlined, user-friendly Infinium Methylation assay. Due to the scalability and low total cost per sample compared with alternative methods, large cohorts can be screened using MethylationEPIC v2.0 to discover powerful biological insights into disease mechanisms.

Genome-Wide, cutting-edge content

Guided by expert evaluations of EPIC v1.0, poor-performing probes have been removed and replaced with cutting-edge content to enable greater discovery power for epigenetics studies. The additional 186,000 CpGs on EPIC v2.0 target enhancers and super-enhancers, additional CTCF-binding sites, CNV detection regions, CpG islands insufficiently covered on EPIC v1.0, and common cancer driver mutations. The updated v2.0 beadchip also profiles open regions of chromatin identified by ATAC-Seq and ChIP-seq experiments. A more extensive description of the content covered by MethylationEPIC v2.0 is described in the product datasheet.

Trusted technology

For over a decade, Illumina methylation BeadChips have powered groundbreaking studies in the field of epigenetics, with most published epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) to date completed on MethylationEPIC or its predecessor, HumanMethylation450. As a result, researchers can benefit from the vast amount of public methylation array data in data repositories like the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) or The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). In addition, machine-learning classifiers for tumors and other diseases have been built upon methylation array data and are easily accessible with the methylation BeadChip data format.

Simple data analysis

MethylationEPIC v2.0 data analysis is supported by the GenomeStudio Methylation Module. GenomeStudio Software enables straightforward primary analysis and quality control. It features intuitive visualization tools that enable researchers to view data in a single graph, such as heat maps, scatter plots, and line plots. For advanced downstream analysis, many free packages in the R software framework enable normalization and differential analysis of methylation data (SeSAMe, minfi, etc.). Instructional videos and comprehensive user guides explain the use of these data analysis packages.

Compatible with multiple sample types, including FFPE

The robustness of the Infinium Methylation assay lends itself to obtaining high data quality out of FFPE tissue samples. FFPE compatibility is critical in studying cancer and enables studies to be completed on large biorepositories of tumors. The Infinium assay is also compatible with fresh/frozen tissue, whole blood, buccal cells, cfDNA, saliva, and other sample types.

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