Illumina Financial Solutions

Financing Options

Get up and running quickly with a rental or leasing program designed to work with your budget and streamline the process.

When you acquire equipment through Illumina, you can upgrade or add technology during the term, align payments with your cash flow cycle, reimbursement funding cycle, or projected use, and benefit from flexible end-of-term options that work for you.

Illumina Financing Options

Chose from several options to obtain financing that best meets your needs:

Reagent Rental
  • Best option if you have a reliable number of samples
  • We transfer the cost of the instrument on top of reagents
  • 0% interest, working directly with Illumina Financial Services
Instrument Rental
  • Good solution for a bridge to funding
  • Available on all instruments
  • Low interest rate, working directly with Illumina Financial Services
Instrument Leasing
  • Predictable monthly payment without reagent commitment
  • Available for all instruments
  • Work directly with Illumina approved financial partners

Financing Program Benefits

new Illumina instruments
New Instruments

We provide new instruments and help you assemble an effective end-to-end solution to address the entire ecosystem—from infrastructure setup to data analysis, interpretation, and automation.

pay over time with no interest
0% APR, no capital expenditure

With a reagent rental program, you can transfer the cost of capital products to a reagent commitment and pay over time with no interest.

access Illumina product portfolio
All products available

Access our entire product portfolio such as hardware, services, informatics and third-party equipment. We offer sequencing systems for every lab with cost-efficient flexibility for new and emerging applications.

straightforward contracts
Straightforward contracts

You won’t need a team of lawyers to comb through the paperwork. We use simple contracts with plain language so you clearly understand the terms.

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