Environmental, social, and governance hub

Environmental, social, and governance hub

We aim for transparent disclosure of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and progress, underscored by a commitment to continuous improvement

Our CSR Vision - deepening our impact on human health by serving as a champion for patients, our communities, our people, and our planet.

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Progress towards our 2030* goals

net zero

Net Zero
carbon emissions by 2050 in operations and value chain
2022 Progress: committed

ghg emissions

reduction in absolute Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG emissions
2022 Progress: Scope 1 & 2: 100%2
Scope 3: ↑51%

reduction in packaging

reduction in packaging
2022 Progress: 30%

lives covered by genomic testing

2 billion
lives covered by genomic testing globally (2026)
Progress: 1.2 billion

cost per genome

cost per genome
Progress: $2003

STEM learners

5 million
STEM learners reached
Progress: 1.2 million

gender representation

gender representation in leadership1
2022 Progress: 41%


representation of Black, Native, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, and two or more communities in our US workforce and leadership

diverse suppliers

spend allocated to diverse suppliers
2022 Progress: 18%

  • * 2019 baseline
  • 1. Leadership = Manager, equivalent, and above
  • 2. *Scope 1 reductions include our beyond SBTi mitigation, applying Green E certified Carbon Offsets for our natural gas Scope 1. Scope 2 reductions include the combination of on-site solar, purchased renewable electricity, and renewable electricity credits.
  • 3. ~$200, based on US list price, assuming 120 Gb/genome; compared to NovaSeqTM 6000.
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Learn about the progress we have made to shape a more sustainable and equitable future for all.
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Our 2030 Targets and Policies

Corporate policies here


  • Net Zero in operations and value chain by 2050
  • Carbon neutral in direct operations (Scopes 1 and 2) by 2023 beyond SBTi verified targets
  • $20 million philanthropic support for Sustainability Initiatives
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2030
  • 46% emission reduction Scope 1,2,3 by 2030
  • 10% reduction water intensity by 2030
  • 90% landfill waste diversion by 2030
  • Green design principles in new construction with LEED elements or equivalent
  • 75% reduction in packaging
  • 90% of secondary and tertiary packaging will be recyclable, reusable, or compostable
  • Reduce energy intensity of sequencers
  • Reduce petroleum-based plastic use
  • Replace chemicals of concern with green alternatives wherever possible
  • Increase product take back and circular economy opportunities
  • 100% of strategic suppliers commit to minimizing their environmental footprint


  • $100 genome
  • 2 billion covered lives by 2026
  • Reach 25,000 learners annually with education across all clinical segments
  • Expand on the independent medical educational partnerships with professional societies and the medical community, with knowledge and competence increases demonstrated in >95% of programs
  • Reach over 200 organizations through Illumina for Startups
  • 50,000 patients supported through iHope programming
  • $60 million PGI commitment implemented by 2027
  • 50% employee participation (giving + volunteering)
  • 100,000 volunteer hours donated
  • Achieve 90% positive survey rate on employee's response to Illumina Cares programming and connection to our mission
  • 5 million STEM learners reached through direct programming and nonprofit donations
  • $20 million philanthropic support for Sustainability Initiatives
  • Increase prevention-based safety reporting and decrease injury and illness rates
  • Increase gender representation in leadership
  • Increase Black, Native, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, and two or more communities in leadership (US)
  • Increase representation of Black, Native, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, and two or more communities in workforce (US)
  • Maintain zero net pay gap
  • Increase minority representation in executive leadership (US)
  • Increase gender representation of women in global leadership
  • Improve representation of Veterans in the workforce
  • Improve representation of disability workforce
  • Create a working environment where neuro-diversity and people with disabilities can thrive
  • Acquire and develop diverse talent to drive inclusion and representation 
  • Establish a culture where minorities can thrive and progress with the company as we build a strong pipeline 
  • Create an innovative organization where young and mature talent feel involved, respected, connected, and inspired to contribute new ideas 
  • Build our global workforce to represent the communities where we operate and the world we are working to serve


  • 20% of yearly spend with diverse suppliers (US)
  • Demonstrate responsible data stewardship with strong privacy and cybersecurity practices
  • Position Illumina as the most trusted company in genomic privacy and ethics
  • Continue working to ensure human rights are respected in our workplace, our supply chain, and the marketplace
  • Maintain a corporate governance framework to promote ethics and integrity in all we do


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