Clarity LIMS version 6.1 released April 2023.
Version 6.1 includes advanced search capabilites for powerful search querying. A full list of features can be found in the release notes.

Clarity LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system designed for genomics labs to track samples and manage workflows for an optimized and efficient lab.

Clarity LIMS does much more than track samples. As the digital backbone of the lab, it actively manages your entire laboratory operations, from sample and data management to people, instruments, and consumables. Clarity LIMS standardizes and automates workflows, saving time and reducing the chance of human errors. It scales with your laboratory ecosystem to accommodate new technologies and workflows. Clarity LIMS:

  • Helps your laboratory reduce time with straightforward implementation, prepackaged workflows for Illumina sample/library prep kits and instruments, and quality control features that flag poor-quality samples
  • Helps support compliance with eSignature, audit trails, reagent and lot tracking, and privacy and security controls
  • Promotes accuracy with automation and built-in business logic and error checking
  • Manages complexity and change with the ability to easily create new fields, protocols, and workflows in the user interface without the need for software coding
  • Enables thorough extension and customization of your laboratory environment through use of the application programming interface (API) to integrate in-house and third-party tools, as well as automate processes and integrate robotics
  • Eases IT burden with quick implementation and rigorous security practices

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Sample tracking and audit readiness

Clarity LIMS provides receipt-to-result sample tracking, comprehensive lab operation reporting, and human-readable audit trails.

Flexibility and scalability

Clarity LIMS enables you to easily build new workflows that reflect laboratory protocols. Additionally, a comprehensive application programming interface (API) enables the LIMS to scale to increased sample volumes or new instruments.

Illumina prepackaged workflows and instrument integrations

Clarity LIMS helps you to get quickly into production with prepackaged workflows and instrument integrations. Prepackaged workflows include sample and reagent calculations, auto transitions and sample placement to support many common genomics applications including Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS).

Seamless integration with Illumina lab automation software

Illumina lab automation software automatically informs wet lab devices, including liquid-handling robots, on sample placement location and container types. When integrated with Clarity LIMS, users can access real-time status and reporting, enabling end-to-end sample traceability and reagent tracking.

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What is a LIMS?

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A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is software that enables secure, automated, scalable tracking and information management. This infographic shows the benefits of a LIMS.

Selecting a LIMS

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Purchasing a LIMS is a significant investment with long-term implications. View our infographic to learn about the questions you should be asking when selecting a LIMS.

Support and Developer Resources

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