Cutting-edge array scanners

Illumina array scanning systems deliver rapid, sensitive, and accurate imaging of Illumina microarrays for exceptional genetic analysis results.

Microarray Scanners

NextSeq 550 System
iScan System
Instrument Type Microarray Scanner & Sequencer Microarray Scanner
Description Flexible next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenomic microarray scanning all on one instrument High-precision, high-throughput array scanning for our expansive portfolio of genetic analysis assays
Popular Applications & Methods
Key Application Key Application
Genotyping Arrays    
Methylation Array Analysis    
Exome Sequencing    
Targeted Gene Sequencing (amplicon, gene panel)    
Whole-Transcriptome Sequencing    
Gene Expression Profiling with mRNA-Seq    
miRNA & Small RNA Analysis    
DNA-Protein Interaction Analysis    
Methylation Sequencing    
Array Scan Time 3.3 min. to 5 min. per sample 0.3 min. to 26 min. per sample
Sequencer Run Time ~11 to 29 hours N/A
Compatible Products NextSeq 550 Products iScan Products
Automation Capability Automatable with liquid handling robots and array loaders.
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Discover the benefits of cytogenomic microarrays

Learn more about the possibilities. Cytogenomic microarrays offer a simple, reliable method for assessing chromosomal aberrations at a higher resolution.

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Discover the benefits of cytogenomic microarrays

Maximize throughput to thousands of samples per day. The AutoLoader 2.x provides continuous, unattended operation and the ability to load 1 or 2 iScan scanners at a time.

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iScan angled view

The HiScan System has been discontinued. For an alternative array scanner, we recommend the iScan System. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service.