At Illumina, our mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. By delivering breakthroughs that redefine what's possible in genomics, we empower visionaries around the globe to uncover answers and make life-changing advances.

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Redefining possible

We believe the genome has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest problems. This belief inspires us to relentlessly push the boundaries of what is possible today—to enable researchers and clinicians to turn big dreams into impactful genomic discoveries that improve lives and change the course of diseases globally.

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Leading purposeful advances

Our passion for supporting customers and helping them achieve their goals guides what we do. Inspired by deep customer insights, we lead the way in delivering purposeful advances that address critical needs and support researchers and clinicians as they make life-changing breakthroughs and decisions.

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Broadening impact with collaborations

Improving health at scale requires vision and collaboration with changemakers across the ecosystem. Together, we’re finding answers to life’s biggest questions and broadening the positive impact of genomics around the world.

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Acting with integrity to benefit humanity

Doing the right thing is core to who we are and what we do. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics and privacy practices and have an unrelenting dedication to genomics for good.

two people working to make an impact

Accelerating access

Making genomics accessible is critical in realizing its potential to save and improve lives. That’s why we are committed to driving down the cost of sequencing, expanding access to advanced technology, and increasing the diversity of genomics data.

Together, we can use genomics to build a stronger world for the greater good.